Telephone calling via B4RN


Terminating your landline will mean your cherished existing phone number will be lost in the ether! This is easy to avoid if you get your new provider to port your number over as that normally terminates automatically once your number is safely transferred.

Please also be aware that if you have a bundled ʻphone and broadbandʼ package then cancelling your broadband could also terminate your landline and your number could be lost. You must ensure you landline remains in operation until the transfer of your phone number to Circle Loop or other VOIP provider is complete.

If you make a mistake and terminate your landline too soon there are companies such as RSR Communications, Salford, who can help rescue your number for around £100.

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VOIP Service Providers:

Circle Loop

Circle Loop are a UK company with all the credentials of any large operator but with the service you would expect from a 100% UK help team who all live in Lancashire.

7 day free trial, full access to the system so you can try it and make sure it works for you.

20% off for life for all Mint and Sprint customers with a link from Dan Robinson.

£5*/ month pay as you go with calls from 3p/min

£15*/ month for Unlimited Calls

£2* a month for additional lines


The Unlimited package is worth it if you make calls for over 15min/day.

The Circle Loop app that means you can use your mobile to answer landline calls and make them from anywhere in the world when you are on wifi. This will be a game changer for running businesses while on the move. Missed calls voice mails get sent via e-mail if you wish too and you can set up call divert so you will never miss a business call again. Its also a really easy portal and app to use with virtual receptionist call diverts and many more features.

All their packages offer full use of all their features.



Are a huge corporate American company.

Talk UK £9.25/month Unlimited UK Landline calls, 10p/min to UK MobilesPremium £12.25/month Unlimited UK Landline calls, 5p/min to UK Mobiles

Vonage include a free vonage box (analogue telephone adapter).

If you are choosing Vonage then please e-mail your local champion or Dan Robinson and wait until we send you a sign up link that will give you £50 voucher for Amazon.



Basic No monthly charge 1.18p/min to UK Landlines, 9.9p/min to UK mobiles

UK Call Package £9.95/month Unlimited UK Landline and UK Mobiles calls
Sipgate doesn’t include an analogue telephone adapter (available on ebay for £20-£50) and

charges £30 to port your own number.

Cost review of the “Pay as you Go” options

The below chart shows and example monthly cost for using the phone for 10 min each day calling mobiles for 5 min and landlines for 5 min.

For heavy users its obvious to go with a the Unlimited options. With Circle Loop you can switch from unlimited to pay as you go month to month.

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