Surveying GR & SE

9th Jan 2019 – Today we have had Nick Hall from B4RN in the area and we have been on a little rad trip looking at various road crossings and obstacles. Plans have been confirmed and some will need a closer look and revise.

The Grayrigg Cab site (GRHE) options have been looked into and we are now seriously exploring them with a view to land a cabinet to link up early this year all being well.

Road cuts on SE Route 1 and been finalised and properly booked in and the road slits at SE201 to SE201a (Garnet Bridge) will happen tomorrow morning (10th Jan). Again, top effort Logan Thom for laying duct decades ago for the B4MS project over Garnet Bridge. Soon we will be able to send fibre through his duct he laid for Selside School years ago and get some of SE Route 3 live.

Drilling will be happening by Swinny and his team, he is due to run about for a few days with his drilling rig and get 4 or 5 drills done incase the land freezes over preventing linking up sections of Sleddale and Route 3.


Nick measuring for a road cut

During our little road trip we observed this little bodge job… an alternative highly un recommended way of laying telecommunication. This shot is of a road over a pipe and shows a bodge job of crossing the river and road.

Where the road crossed the river between Martclose and Ashstead.

The B4MS duct TS Trenching will be laying will not be done like this!!!

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