Mesh Network

Chances are, your Wi-Fi router is currently tucked away in a corner somewhere. Under the staircase, or in your office, where the phone line is. While it tries to cover your entire house, it has to fight walls (thick and thin), objects and floors. Most of the time, it doesn’t make it. And you end up with spotty coverage in your upstairs bedroom, cursing YouTube because it keeps buffering. Mesh Wi-Fi systems want to put an end to this horror.

Mesh routers take care of spotty coverage by adding more muscle and smarts. Instead of one router, you have multiple units (satellites, as they’re usually referred to), spread across your house. They all talk to each other, forming an interconnected network — a mesh network.

If only this chap would slow down a little… lots to take in in this video…

The B4RN computer club lend out Mesh’s for you to test and play with so you can make sure it works before you buy.