Fencing and Splicing


Well a thanks to Will Hodgson for his skilled fencing work. Our electricity cabinet that supplies power to the cabinet / Head End is now protected from cattle (2 rails left off for passing the splicing bullet into the trailer for working on). I am so pleased we have been taking so many photo’s… driving posts into the ground where 2 electric cables, 3 core 16mm’s, 1 spur 16mm and 2 property 7mm’s pass through… !!!

Zayo are also back this week to complete the splice into the world wide web this week !!!

Next week, Tuesday 20th, Christine Conder is along Route 6 splicing all the in property boxes (FTU’s)

This week the B4RN splicing team will be here all week doing the work in the chambers to enable the connections to go live.

Not long now and all of Route 6 to SE604 will be live!!!

We also now have a full plan for all the properties on the East side of Mealbank on Route SE5. Drilling has begun and we plan to dig the in track / lane works in the next few weeks.

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