Office Open – Wednesday Nights 7:30pm 8:30/9pm

20/3/19 – Our new offices are all set up and ready. Open every Wednesday night from 7:30pm. 

Every property now needs to plan, dig, drill and fit their boxes or get a contractor to complete the work. For DIY installers learn what you need to do on the site and pop down to office and collect what you need. 

GRHE (the Grayrigg Cabinet) will be installed soon and we will be able to link up the whole village to the cabinet ready for when the mole ploughs bring the first route in and light it up. 

Directions – heading to Kendal on the Grayrigg road turn Left onto “Kendal Industrial Estate” its the one that goes behind the old auction mart before the Pixel Mill building and after the car sales garage. Straight ahead is Halls Foods, park on the Right. Lakeland Autobody has a loft space we have use of thanks to Chris Pashley of Little Docker. There is a little roller shutter door to the Right of the huge B4MS sign. Come on up the stairs and find us. There are no toilets or brew making facilities but lots of information and a place to pick brains, collect materials and chat. 

See you down there.


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