SE Route 1 goes live

19/12/18 – Thanks to everyone for being ready, property fibre being blown, FTU’s being spliced with routers fitted to those taking immediate service and the Mint and Sprint being on the ball with the new changes to the Gigabit Voucher Scheme, B4RN have managed to shift their attention to SE Route 1 and have blown our core 288 fibre and spliced the bullets in all the chambers along the route from the Head end to SE108b.

Internet stability, and joy has come over another 10 properties! No more BT… It transcends all suffering and attains peace with all electronic internet enabled devices.

Below is my personal speed test, I am using a late 2014 iMac and it is connected directly into the router with a short cat 5e old BT ethernet cable. 940mbps symmetrical speed. No longer will I have to wait for the old 0.25mbps upload speed and 4.5mbps download.

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 19.48.43
We have take off
Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 19.49.06
Perfection up and down

On and iPhone downstairs in the kitchen using the WiFi off the B4RN router 295 download and 460 upload is being achieved. In the office 1 foot away 361 download and 460 upload is achieved. Your technology and property walls will limit your speed not the connection.

Swinny and his band of merry men have been tying up loose ends along route 2 from Watchgate and will be soon out of Longsleddale looking for the route that have done the most digging to start on next.

Early in the New Year SE Route 2 through to Sadgill on the West side will be blown and spliced. Today Frank and Will have been back in the valley and another 14 had their property fibre blown. All being well SE Route 2 will be 100% complete and live during February.

Lastly 6 more way leaves arrived with me over the past week. SE Route 4 is now complete and ready to start in property work. Docker is 90% complete, we are just waiting on 4 fields for property spurs but the core through the whole route is now 100% way leaved.

Click here for route information and if you are green get digging and drilling and e-mailing me when your property work is complete. Materials collection will be a little tricky over the festive period but if you have the time and need to burn off excessive energy or have free labour at hand and have a plan then materials can be arranged this week for you.

New offices will open in the New Year.



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