Grayrigg & Longsleddale


Wow, last evening we had a little damson gin celebration in my kitchen… 6 long awaited way leaves arrived and we coloured them all into the master map, we now have viable routes. I have popped specific updates on the route info page. We are still waiting on a few more for a complete network where no one is landlocked but after 2 promised way leaves arrive with me we are at a stage we can go to B4RN with viable route to and from Grayrigg and get a cabinet live linking the GRHE with Selside HE, New Hutton HE & Firbank HE.

The next challenge is finalising the cabinet site.

Soon I will be contacting everyone about their shares applications that are in the holding pen, all the cheques will now be out of date but we still need the investment cashed with B4RN before we can officially start digging. Ill drop folk an individual e-mail soon with a request for a new cheque or BACs. Please just hold your horses until we have cross checked everything.


Gets Fibre to the West Side. On the 3rd Jan the 288f was blown from SEHE through to Garnet Bridge. There is a shortage of 192f so the plan was to stop at cocks close and continue after the next delivery but with a last min re-plan of fibre that evening after informing the team there was twin 16mm through to SE205 and they could drop to twin 96f from Cocks Close up the valley Friday saw fibre blown all the way through to Beach Hill with more core fibre being blown this coming week. Splicing is due to start from the Head End out so if you have a router fitted get it turned on ready for testing.


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