Route SE6 – Part 1 Completed

Well big it up for Tony and his crew… in just 6 days of work they have completed Route SE6 from the Head End through to SE604 (kiln Croft). After the weekend the last 4 or 5 FTU’s (fibre termination units) will be on the walls of the properties. It will then all be ready for blowing and splicing the fibre.


Below, Tony, Logan and I (Dan Robinson) route find don’t to Kiln Croft earlier in the week & Series 1 meets Series 2 today laying duct and foundations for the electricity cabinet for the Head End.

Now we have moved onto routes SE1, SE2, SE3, SE4 & SE5 heading away from the Cabinet.


If you are on Route 1 or 2 then please get digging and drilling so you are ready for when Swinny flies past your house.

Thursday Night open Night for Q & A’s and dig plan confirmation’s 7-9pm Unit 3 Meal Bank.


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