B4MS is Live at 22:15 on 7/12/18

7/12/18 – Its Live!!! Gigabit internet in the Mint and Sprint. Well only to those on route 6 from Selside Head End to Kiln Croft that have routers are. The rest of those that are ready, including myself, are waiting on core fibre. There are 23 properties with routers await B4RN’s team. If you are on route 1 and 2 and you see B4RN staff, they will be in need of mince pies & tea & coffee in plentiful supply.

Below is Simon Done, he has spent most of the day at the Head End working with Eon to get the electric meter on and the cabinet live then he has been patching everyone in and checking the connections. They like our cabinet area.

Meanwhile at B4RN HQ in Melling the anaemic tech team have been locked in front of the computers tuning the high tech bits and getting it all ticking over nicely. They really do pull it out of the bag when they need too, 22:15 is when they got it tuned up. Top effort B4RN and thank you.

If your route is green on this page then get digging and drilling or organising a volunteer or contractor to do it. 

Help Me!!! – Saturday pm is clear out day at the office, pop down and help cary and tidy and clean if you are a spare hour from 1pm to 3pm. Oh and we have a new office for 2019 to be announced.

Less than 7 months from the first meeting in my kitchen and we have done it. B4RN said you can have it if you get your neighbours on board… I thank you all.

3 thoughts on “B4MS is Live at 22:15 on 7/12/18

  1. Fantastic news, and well done to Dan and all the area champs who have worked so hard for this day. Onward and Upwards, power to the people, you did good.


  2. Fantastic news. I’m currently in New York and telling the locals about this fantastic service that we are getting over in the UK…….!


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