Property Boxes

There are 2 types of boxes that need to be installed on the property.

CLiP – Customer Lead-in Point or House Entry Box. This is the grey box that live on the outside of the property.

FTU – Fibre Termination Unit. This is the white box that goes on the inside of the property, the B4RN router will click into this if you take a monthly service.

Width: 130mm,  Height: 165mm,   Depth: 55 (out into the room)

Space/gap around the FTU for the Router:  Top 80mm, Bottom: 165mm Left: 100mm, Right 125mm.

Cost for connection is £150 and is due when your FTU has fibre and has been spliced.

Router. This slides from upwards and mounts the FTU. It has 4 Ethernet outputs and 2 telephone outputs, the Electric cable is 1.5m long and there is a USB port. All cables enter the Router from the bottom. You only need this is you are taking a service.

Width: 210mm,  Height 165mm,  Depth: 55 (out into the room)

Space/gap around the router: knuckle room is needed either side to operate the clips to attache and remove the router – 2″-3″ either side is ideal.

Imperial Measurements are for ease and ensure there is plenty of space to operate the router clips.

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 13.44.00

Click the link below for a pdf version, it should be close to 1:1 in size.

FTU Template

Locating your B4RN Router

Now mix that up with where is easy to dig from and to and through, then add the ease of drilling, Location of power for the router and what you intend to connect it with in your house and every property is different and each person has different priorities.

If you need help and cant find it here or by talking through things with your local champion then get in touch or pop along to the office on a Thursday night at Meal Bank.

Leaving the FTU Ready for Splicing

Its vital that this bit is done right…

  • hide the pack of yellow clips and bits behind the FTU
  • keep the foam between so they don’t permanently click together just yet
  • once fitted and checked let know by e-mail
Hide the pack of Yellow Clips
Keep the foam in to stop the cover clipping in place
Router Sliding up to FTU