Connection Choices

The ideal result for the whole area is 100% connectivity + planing for future developments. Digging a spur to a property while the mole plough is in the field is highly economical as is the simultaneous blowing of the fibre and subsequent splicing. Not having to return to the field’s chamber’s and splicing bullets in the future lead to effective scales in economy.

Its your responsibility to take ducting from the field to and through your property wall and have the boxes fitted. This can be done DIY, by volunteers or by paying a contractor. Typical charges; £50min for drilling and fitting boxes or £35/hour for jobs that are not just straight forward. £25 – £35 / hour for digging.

All connection fee’s are due at point of splicing the fibre in the property.

Connection + Immediate Service  – 

Residential – min 12 month service* at £30/month, invest over £1500 and gain a free connection or pay £150 connection fee. . Sign up to GBVS and receive £150 cash back.

Business – min 12 month service* (service plans on the B4RN website) + free connection if you sign up to GBVS and receive £300 cash back.

Connection + Delayed Service – 

If you are in contract then from the point of sign up to GBVS you have 10 months to take up B4RN. Depart with your current provider after your new VOiP provider has ported your phone number over, some providers will cancel your contract for you resulting in no end of service fee’s.  The latest you can sign up to the GBVS is just before the fibre is blown to your property (there are a few exceptions early in the build).

No Connection – 

Property owner refuse a connection. Fibre is planed for 100% connectivity. 7mm property duct is either left out or if digging taken along with another properties duct and left buried. Cost to connect in the future will be at commercial rates.


*12 month service returns to a monthly rolling contract after the initial 12 months.

**Please note – your first month is due after the month you where live on so therefore those who go live towards to start of the month get nearly a month free.