Unity in Community

The Unity in Community – A perspective.
Having previously lived in Skelsmergh as a child, it was with both excitement and trepidation that I looked forward to living there again, although this time it would be with my husband Phil.
Over the years there have been many changes to the place I used to call home – Skelsmergh Hall Farm. Now no longer a farm housing a whole host of Taylors, but almost a whole hamlet mainly inhabited by people who were strangers to us both and now called Kiln Croft. However, we need not have worried because, with perfect timing, along came B4MS.
From our first contact with our soon to be neighbours at a social event we felt welcomed, people took time to chat and we made our initial introductions and ate cake!  At this same event we first heard of B4MS and the potential opportunity for us and our new neighbours to have ‘Hyper fast broadband ‘. For us it was a no brainier and we signed up.
“ It’s a ‘community ‘ project they said”, “you work to help those who can’t do their own digging, everyone has a role and can do something”,  we were told. Well Phil and I could physically dig so we said we would help our nearest neighbours at Kiln Croft and off we went to purchase some trench spades!
The first community dig day resulted in no digging but lots of talking, planning, sharing of contact details, introductions, reacquainting ourselves with friends from days past and eating cake!! Not necessarily in that order.
Plans were made as to which routes would need digging, both to connect our soon to be new home and all the other dwellings in the Kiln Croft area, and slowly but surely the first tentative trenches were dug. And we ate cake!
Phil and I supported the Kiln Croft team as much as we could with measuring routes, cutting cables to length, rolling meter after meter of cable, getting it in a knot and rolling meter after meter of cable back up again. We dug, drilled,  barrowed, stone picked, carted soil back and forth and sweated companionably. Oh and we ate cake!
But throughout this whole process we chatted, taking time to really get to know everybody, and people took time to get to know us. Now when we do move in to our new home we won’t just say hi, what’s your name, where do you come from? ( a poor version of blind date)! as we wave from a distance. We actually feel we know our new neighbours, we have been invited into their homes, they have shared food with us, made us cups of tea and biscuits, happily let us borrow their tools and equipment, and told us about their families as we have told them about ours. We have made friends.
Without B4MS we would never have really had this opportunity to fully know our nearest neighbours, and we know as the community dig progresses our chance to make new friends and acquaintances will continue! Something we look forward to ( as long as there is cake!)
Hilary and Phil Robinson

One thought on “Unity in Community

  1. Excellent, and thank you for taking the time to share this. We find it is replicated all over B4RNland as we build this amazing network of people. I wish more would tell their stories. Kudos to you and welcome to our world.


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