Close to Green

Update –

  • Zayo have granted permission for the breakout – this is where we tap into the internet back bone of the UK
  • Electricity from the Pole to the ground has been confirmed
  • Contractors are being engaged to begin work
  • Land on route 1 and 2 that is part of HLS with Natural England are in the middle of applying for a degradation.
  • Line walking is happening on specific routes and will continue to happen over the next month then more gradually on the 2019 dig lines.
  • The Mint & Sprint is the second biggest and might yet be the biggest area B4RN have worked with in terms of access chambers and connection’s
  • B4RN have been working hard on the plan and they are nearly there with the initial costings, we have taken them by surprise with the speed we have all come together to make this happen.
  • We as an area stand at over £475,000 in shares out of our £500,000 initial target with a desired £560,000. This means hopefully by then end of next week the holding pen or B4RN will break the £500k mark so we get the green light as soon as that plan is finished
  • Cashing of cheques – I will be sending out e-mail’s probably next week requesting permission to forward those who have their shares application and cheques in the holding pen to B4RN
  • Mole Ploughing the network in is expected to commence before the end of August

A personal thanks to all those who are helping behind the scenes and all the land owners who are working closely with us to ensure the best for the land is achieved. If you own land and haven’t had a line walk with me, or one of our team, expect contact from us within the next month or so to confirm routes and walk the land.

Shares – if you are still thinking about investing but would like some more information then please get in touch. The last few investors or top up investors are all it needs.

Remember the Offices are open every Thursday night – 7pm – 9pm.


Dan Robinson

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