Building Like Bandits

Week 5 of network building and Tony and his Team (TS Trenching) are building like Bandits. One minute you see them on the horizon and the next they are past your door riding their mole ploughs into the distance. They are laying your network with Charm and Grit. Soon Thunderbird 1 will be out with its caterpillar tracks and nothing will stop them apart from the lack of ginger bread and tea.

Dig Plans are formulating on a daily basis. Mealbank are nearly ready to dig or hang along the walls of terraces. Please come along to the Thursday night meets if you have a plan or need help with one. The Fibre Termination Units and outside boxes with ducting are ready to be collected and installed.

Shares are still needed. If you haven’t yet invested then please consider at least the minimum investment. Please download the Shares Application Form. Also if you can increase your shares every little helps.

Our electricity cabinet has landed so it won’t be long now and the cabinet will be live. We as a community are ready, we just need to wait on B4RN to blow and splice the fibre to the over 50 properties that currently have ducting connected to the Head End. Zayo will be splicing into the main internet of the world  in the next week or 2 then when Electricity North West connect the spark there will be no looking back at the old copper lines.

Currently we are nearly at 100% connectivity of the properties we have dug past.

Help Needed. If you own a trailer and can do a run to Melling for materials please let me know. We where promised an artic load full but it has not appeared yet. I have completed at least 4 van and trailer loads and a couple of others have helped too so please do your bit if you can.

Route Info – I have updated the route info on the site. Grayrigg plans are coming together but we are still in need of a few conversations with land owners and way leaves. Please get in touch.

Dan Robinson, B4MS Voluntary Project Manager.


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