28 August Update

Property works complete – Well what a busy weekend folk have been having. Property 7mm spurs have been laid from property boundaries to walls, holes have been drilled and FTU’s (Fibre Termination Units) have been fitted.

  • Edge Bank have been out with a mini digger and opened trenches for ducting
  • Garnett Folds will be threading 7mm’s through existing ducting under roads.
  • Tarn Bank have been finalising their dig plans and are imminently about to dig
  • Goodhamscales seam to too busy planning a fibre network rather than digging 😉
  • Garnet bridge ducting laid in during the early 80’s has been threaded
  • The rest of Longsleddale are either ready for the mole plough to go past or a few will be within a week or so or when road crossings are confirmed.
  • Kiln Croft have been grafting away picking at builders rubble – not the easiest of going.

Contractors Booked – Wednesday the 5th is official start day with work by contractors in the Field, Tin Cans on the end of strings will be tied to Swinney’s mole plough with a sign “Just Buried” on.

Talk through your dig plan or core route – The offices at Meal Bank are open every Thursday night 7-9pm, pop in and see us, collect materials, learn and meet folk. p.s. if you have offered to make tea and cake bring some along with milk 😉 thanks.


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