SE1 – Most Northerly Dig

12th June 2019

Since the last post a lot has happened, TS Trenching have been grafting away in tricky ground and have ploughed all the way up to Hause Foot and are now digging in one last chamber and then they will be heading up to Borrowdale Head and High House.

Low Borrowdale and Shap Fell bothy will be to return to when we have way leaves sorted.

The Fibre and Router teams have been out and we now have routers ready to go live once the last 2 sections of fibre are blown and the bullet splicers have been.

Photo shows our cabinet filling up with connections. Each yellow fibre patch tail represents 1 property. There will be 500 of these if everyone gets digging and fitting boxes.

We have hit critical mass on SE Route 5 to get digging to Mealbank. We are waiting for the bridge repairs and then B4RN civil team to complete the in road works then we will send the core route to them.

SE Route 6 is rapidly getting ready in the race to complete their works before the core can be sent.

Docker are all complete and are waiting for the core.

SE1 has Spur SE108 to the memorial hall to complete alongside the above works Estimated 2-3 more weeks on SE1.


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