Tools and Drilling

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Block walls – drill 12mm hole, line with 10mm copper pipe


Guidance for drilling through old stone walls.

Old fashioned stone walls – drill with 16mm hole, slide 15mm copper pipe over SDS attachment and push back through wall.

As most will know old stone walls are built up of an inner leaf and a outer leaf much the same as a modern block wall but with the added complication of the cavity being filled with rubble which can fall into the hole when you pull the drill out, the best way to combat this is to drill the hole, preferably through a stone and not between as this can cause the drill to jam, then push the conduit through the hole at the same time as withdrawing the drill bit, if the drill jams whilst drilling  ( stop immediately)  the clutch in the drill will stop it turning but it will still hammer and drive the drill in to the point which you will never get it out, to get the drill out you will need to take the drill off the drill bit and use the adjustable wrenches to unscrew the drill bit until it becomes loose, then proceed again without to much pressure, the common cause for the drill jamming is when it catches between stones or catches the side of one, a gentle approach is best, remember when drilling through a wall it is best to make sure there is a fall on the drill to the outside so any water can’t track back into the building to easily, once conduits are in place seal up with silicon or something similar.