Grayrigg Hall Meeting – 13th Dec 7:30

On Friday the 13th December there will be a meeting at Grayrigg Village Hall for all property owners residential or business wishing to or thinking about connecting to B4RN through the Mint and Sprint project (B4MS).

Dan Robinson will lead the meeting and will be there to give the following information

  • an update on the project so far
  • display maps showing what has been dug and is now live across the area
  • give information on government vouchers and required sign ups with cash back incentives.
  • show current plans for the digging team
  • talk through the 3 Head End’s (cabinets) of the project and associated routes (SEHE, NHHE and GRHE)
  • indicate what we can dig and get live from the current routes without a GRHE (Grayrigg cabinet)
  • give a current update on the situation with the location for the Grayrigg Head End (GRHE)
  • be there to answer any further questions

After the meeting everyone attending will know what now needs to happen for them to get B4RN live at their property and enjoy hyper fast internet.

Please spread the word to all your neighbours and anyone who lives east of the river Mint (not including Mealbank).

We will have on show the property boxes and materials that are the property owners responsibility to fit or have fit to their walls and dung into the ground. Full maps of the current suggested routes to each property that have been “guessed to be best” from the mapping team at B4RN without knowing or having visited your land or property.

We look forwards to a full village hall and hope that everyone can make the meeting.


2 thoughts on “Grayrigg Hall Meeting – 13th Dec 7:30

  1. I can’t make the meeting unfortunately but would like to know the proposed route for getting cables installed etc. Can you let me have a copy of the route and approx date of when it all might happen
    Karl@ Sundown Grayrigg


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