Dig Day News

Wow, just when you are ready to get some painting done it rains… Mind you our private water supply is happy for it.

The day seamed to go down well. All 4 venues had a good attendance. Neighbours joined forces and made plans and lots was learnt and discussed.

IMG_4152.JPGIMG_4146.JPGIMG_4157.JPGIMG_4159.JPGIMG_4163.JPGIMG_4166.JPGIMG_4171.JPGIMG_4150.JPGSelside Dig Day 1 CW.JPGSelside Dig Day 13 CW.JPG

3 thoughts on “Dig Day News

      1. They should do. At least it will remind farmers where the duct goes through hedges and walls, that way when they are next on their post knocker popping up a new fence it’s not going to be driven right through the Duct and Fibre.
        We are also mapping where it all went with GPS.


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