B4MS SEHE connect to WWW.

13/11/18 – Thats it, the B4MS project is now connected to the World Wide Web. Zayo contractors with B4RN did the final cut and splice late Tuesday night. At 22:58 we went live to the fibre of the world.

Wow, what a learning experience it was. There was a chap 40 miles away looking down the fibre with high tech kit and the way they checked which fibres they needed was to give each a wiggle and pop a bend in them. Yes, miles and miles away and they can tell a fibre is being moved, bent and shaken about!!! You give a fibre a shake in one of the Zayo chambers without authorisation and I’m told alarm bells go off in multiple places triggering armed response by helicopter!!!

The Selside Head End (SEHE) serves over 500 properties and will link to the Grayrigg Head End (GRHE). The first lucky soles on Route 6 will go live on Tuesday all being well.

The B4RN team where at multiple locations on their network checking the connection to our cabinet through to 2am in the morning. Top effort team.

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