B4RN for Landowners

The B4RN network runs largely through fields rather than under roads and pavements as this is easier and cheaper to install, so B4RN relies on the generosity and support of local landowners who give permission to lay ducting for the fibre through their land for free.

B4RN’s wayleave for landowners is a simple one-page document, stating that they will take care to minimise inconvenience; make good any damage done and absolve the landowner from costs associated with damage to the cable crossing their land. Landowners can cancel their wayleave by giving B4RN 12 months notice.

The wayleave form can be downloaded here. Please return to B4MS Bayleaves / Investments, Goodhamscales, Selside, Kendal, LA8 9DS along with a map of your land marked with any buried structures or services that cross it.

Professionals will be laying the net work in the fields unless the land owners have the skills, time and machinery to do it themselves.