SE3 – Selside School get the fibre

25th March, Along with Selside Primary School 14 other properties had fibre blown to them by Will and Frank – B4RN core volunteers today. There are now 17 properties ready for splicing and with the 4 that are already complete another 21 properties will be live in April once the core is blow and spliced. A 144 fibre is needed from the head end before it splits into a complex web feeding Selside South and East with Fibre.

Selside Route 3 links with Grayrigg Route 2. We are getting closer Grayrigg.

This evening another way leave was signed after another meeting with a land owner.

The Order – you dig and drill, core is dug in, property fibre is blown, properties are spliced and fit with routers, core fibre is blown, core spliced. There is a natural lag in time from when your FTU is spliced and router fitted to the core being blown and spliced and it going live at your house. If you have a router that is not live please leave it turned on. Its impossible to know your connection is working at splicing and patching stages if its not plugged in and turned on. It costs less than £10 per year to keep a router turned on.

When you are live have a look at your telephone package options.

Click here for more info

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 23.08.14

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