The Plan – 16th Feb

New Offices

We are moving into our new offices and will announce location and opening times soon. This will give that opportunity for face to face conversations, training and materials collection again.

Selside Head End

SE2 Longsleddale – This week we are expecting B4RN to be blowing fibre along the east side of the valley. Splicing will happen in the coming weeks leading to 100% completion of the route.

SE3 Selside School Route – TS Trenching is currently working on this route as it is a priority route to link Selside School to the Head End.

SE5 Mealbank – The final couple of boxes are going on the walls over the next couple of weeks. In track / private road works will commence all being well early March. This work will install 2 chambers and link most properties with duct ready for property fibre. If you live in Mealbank we need you to sign up to the GBVS link on the B4MS website ASAP. Once this work is complete it will only take a couple of weeks for TSTrenching to bring the core down the hill from the Head End.

SE4 – get drilling and digging and when your work is complete fill in the GBVS form.

SE1 – are nearly ready for the core, there are a few more to drill and dig and fill in GBVS forms.

SE6 – get drilling & digging, wait for the GBVS forms as we are waiting on way leaves from church land.

SE7 – hang fire, sorry, there are 2 or 3 way leaves we need to make the perfect link up, we can find a way round so don’t panic it is on its way.

Grayrigg Head End

Phase 1 – Cabinet installation

We are finalising the plans for the cabinet site over the next few weeks with the view to land the cabinet ASAP.

Phase 2 – The big GR dig

Linking the immediate properties will need considerable volunteers to hand dig with many work parties. I am looking for a champion to lead this hand digging work so step forwards if you are interested in working closely with me for phase 2.

Phase 3 – linking GRHE to either SEHE, FBHE or NHHE (Selside, Firbank or New Hutton)

Once we have landed the cabinet (Head End) and got the core routes out to the fields where the mole ploughs can work we will link it to one of the 3 live routes heading to the cabinet and get it live.

Phase 4 – the roll out of each route as and when the properties have drilled and dug their connections in.

GBVS sign up’s can happen after the cabinet has landed and your property boxes and digging is complete.


We have a detailed plan that links up all the properties in the area. Properties don’t move but the method of linking through the fields from one to another is entirely down to a vague plan and most importantly the land owner working with the digging team to make it right for the land.


Your Effort = B4RN arriving to you. The Blue on the map below shows what has been completed since the contractors started digging early September. 50% of the core SEHE network is now complete.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 22.51.11.png


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