GPS – As Built Map

B4RN use Google Earth Pro to create and share the network routes. The “as built” record of where networks gets laid compared to where it was designed are normally quite different. The changes are usually (sometimes) updated via memory by contractors or volunteers spending hours with B4RN network designers. This is not to the accuracy that is possible.

In the Mint and Sprint we are blessed with the skills of professional Esri App developers and over the last 4 month I have developed with them an application that can map our network as we lay it in the ground. Using professional international ArcGIS software we have created a bespoke B4MS application that has been trialled and tested.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 19.40.54


  • import B4RN google earth file’s
  • GPS core and spur ducts laid in the ground
  • photo record the network and pin images to the map
  • mark various obstacles like walls, hedges, roads, rivers, etc
  • online public B4MS Mint & Sprint Web App showing the network as it gets laid and mapped
  • export to google earth .kml files to share as built records with B4RN
  • GPS chamber locations
  • and more!

The images below are some screen shots of the phone app in use.

Below you can see sample network recording by the mobile application. If you look closely you will see a thin red line showing where network designers suggested to dig. Then there is a thicker red line showing where TS Trenching laid the network. The Dots are notes on Obstacles with attached images. (note the steepness of the ground where 2D designers guessed where was best to dig from google images from the sky)

Thin red line is B4RN’s guess at a network route, thick line is where it was laid, dots show obstacles and accompanying images.

I’d like to thank Mike and Claire for their help turning this dream into reality and also like to thank Tony and Angela for their efforts recording in the field our network as it goes in the ground.