Longsleddale & news about EIS investment

Comunity Managed – Professionally Built

TS Trenching are on the last 500 meters of digging in Longsleddale. The valley will be complete with core and spur duct this week ready for the final lengths of Fibre. The last stretch includes a river drill, 500m of core 16mm duct and a road crossing for a spur. They have completed the valley well ahead of schedule. Impressive work Swinny, Liam and Graham.

We plan to get Selside school live next, there is 200m of core, a river drill and a road to mole under + fibre and they will be expected live by the end of Feb, all being well.


Full information available on the B4RN website under News – https://b4rn.org.uk/news/

B4RN looses 30% EIS tax relief. All investments made after government changes in March 2018 will instead attract 5% interest from day 1 shares being cashed.


We are working hard to finalise plans and get a cabinet installed ready to link up ASAP.


Both Residential’s and Businesses can sign up to the GBVS, it is mandatory for those wanting a live connection in the next 24 months. Sign up is needed once you have the boxes on your walls. All of Routes SE1, SE2, Some of SE3, all of SE4, all of SE5 up to and including Mealbank need to get their Boxes on the wall if they aren’t all ready and signed up on the B4MS site to the GBVS form. Link – click here – If you don’t know your chamber number then please pop the route you are on.

For SE5 beyond Mealbank, SE6 past Kiln Croft and SE7 please hang fire until the final way leaves are in. Anyone looking at the GRHE or NHHE please also hang fire, not long now though.

Thanks again for everyones support.

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