Selside Route 1 – 80% complete

Hats off to TS Trenching, they have been to some far reaches places! Selside Route 1 (SE1) is now 80% complete, they have been up to House Foot, Borrowdale Head and High House, thats those far reached properties at the top of Borrowdale in Fawcett Forest (Left off the dip in the A6 heading up to Shap).

Later in the project, when they are ready, we will cross the A6 and head over to Mart Close, Ashstead and down Borrowdale to Low Borrowdale Farm but they need to drill their walls and we need 1 more wayleave. We will also come back to Spur SE115a (Forrest Hall) and Spur SE110 (Mosergh Farm) once they have dug and drilled and fit their boxes.

Duck Hall (Selside Memorial Hall) and back through to High Above Park passing Cooper House, Longwell, Selside Church and Hall is now also complete with duct and ready for Fibre as is a tiny link up at SE107 – Garnet Plain.

On the 9th July a big thanks goes out to volunteers Tim Maggs (local Champion) and Chris Conder (B4RN core volunteer) as they completed the splicing and router fitting for another 17 properties. 14 have gone this week and the rest will be live once B4RN add our extra switch in the cabinet early doors next Wednesday.

Frank and Will (B4RN core fibre blowing volunteers) are also hero’s as they continue to work with me and get all the property blowing and core fibre blowing complete (Spur SE108 to Duck Hall next please boys if your reading this).

Tony, Liam and Graham are heading to visit Mike Packham in Docker today and will be there for the next 2 weeks. Mike (Core Champion) has done some sterling effort getting everyone ready in docker. Not long now Docker and you will have your Gig (1000mbps).


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