The network keeps getting bigger

2nd October 2019

To look at what we have achieved in just over a year of building our Mint and Sprint network I personally am quite impressed with TS Trenching and all the local campions for encouraging and helping their route along. When someone who lives on a route stands up and makes things happen it really moves things along.

SE6 will soon be complete, the fibre team today have been blowing the core fibre and those along the line extending over the A6 in the direction of Oakbank will be live as soon as the B4RN team have spliced it all in the chambers over the coming weeks. Core duct work will continue over the next weeks towards Laverock Hill and Beck Mills.

The GRHE has been a challenging one, B4RN and I are working hard to see the plans finalised as soon as possible. Once we have the Big Green box installed we will aim to dig GR2 from Top Thorne through to Grayrigg and complete the build of Whinfell (GR2).

People keep asking what route are we going to dig on next… the answer is always the route where people have dug, laid duct, drilled walls and fitted the boxes.

SE4 and SE5 are on the list to build next.

SE7 – Garth Row is undergoing a few network tweaks. We are now ready for the residents at Garth Row to finalise their dig plans and get going with their digging and drilling and fitting their boxes.

NH4 – Those who live in Docker are experiencing a slight delay, it would seam rodents have eaten some core duct on the B4SW network. Docker look at the New Hutton Head End (NHHE) and there is a section that went through some rocky ground that is now a nest of orange plastic, silicone and glass. There is some re-digging work needed before Docker can come live somewhere south of Docker. Splicing and Router fitting should happen soon and this repair work is booked in for completion.

Below : TS Trenching drilling under the A6


Below: The net work build out so far… Check out some of those remote valleys.

Screenshot 2019-10-02 at 20.56.48.png

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