Duct Knowledge

Core Route Duct – This is 16mm orange pipe. We have laid both twin and single. The single comes on reels of 1000m.

Property Duct – This is 7mm orange pipe for under ground and black for UV stable overground. They can come in multiple’s but by the time you have thought of it, popped to Melling to pick some up etc, you will have run out multiple 7mm’s. If it is to be ploughed don’t tape them together.

Property Duct Internal – This is the white 5mm duct that is used to go from the CLiP (house entry box) to the FTU (Fibre Termination Unit)

Empty Duct Reel’s- Its a shame but B4RN and their suppliers have no returns or recycling facility for the wooden reels that the duct comes on.

Ducting the Duct – Your Internet connection needs looking after, where possible its worth re-enforcing your 7mm Property Spur to stop you putting a spade through it or the dog damaging it looking for a bone. Most folk have used water pipe or scrap 16mm B4RN orange duct. There is 2 larger Purple Ducts for the Ducts where multiple property ducts need protecting. Some people are even laying in a spare duct in the same trench just in case they need to post a new water or electric line to the house in the future.

Digging – Spade width, 18″ down, protect it, keep it tight and straight.

Joining the Duct – 

  • End caps are needed both in the chamber and in the CLiP.
  • The 7mm Orange is connected to the 7mm UV stable Black using a push fit joiner.
  • Locate the joint in a straight section underground. Tape it up with Insulation Tape.

Mice Proof – If you have ducted the Duct then rodent proof with wire wool and expanding foam.

Corners –  Keep them big and smooth.