B4MS Speed Test Results

9/12/18 – Now, remember speed tests are subject to the kit you are testing it with. Test it with an old computer/device or over WiFi and you are not going to get Gigabit speeds.

This is the first speed test back from SE Route 6, Lightning compared to their previous max speed of 2Mbps. I am on a 0.25 upload speed like most of us in this area. Not long now folks and the spinning ball of death will be no more.

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 22.50.40
A new computer plugged directly into the router using Cat 6 ethernet cable.

The next test is over WiFi from the B4RN router stood next to it. Pretty fast for WiFi. Move next door and it will slow down a bit unless you have repeaters set up. This walls and you will need WiFi repeater’s

Testing over WiFi – you only get max speeds when plugged directly into the router.

No more forced tea breaks waiting for things to upload!

One thought on “B4MS Speed Test Results

  1. If anyone would like help with wifi boosting round the house then we have a bank of kit to lend to people to try before they buy anything. Just come to Melling to the computer club any Friday 2-4 and it will all be explained. Address on your welcome packs.


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