B4MS Speed Test Results

9/12/18 – Now, remember speed tests are subject to the kit you are testing it with. Test it with an old computer/device or over WiFi and you are not going to get Gigabit speeds.

This is the first speed test back from SE Route 6, Lightning compared to their previous max speed of 2Mbps. I am on a 0.25 upload speed like most of us in this area. Not long now folks and the spinning ball of death will be no more.

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 22.50.40
A new computer plugged directly into the router using Cat 6 ethernet cable.

The next test is over WiFi from the B4RN router stood next to it. Pretty fast for WiFi. Move next door and it will slow down a bit unless you have repeaters set up. This walls and you will need WiFi repeater’s

Testing over WiFi – you only get max speeds when plugged directly into the router.

No more forced tea breaks waiting for things to upload!


B4MS is Live at 22:15 on 7/12/18

7/12/18 – Its Live!!! Gigabit internet in the Mint and Sprint. Well only to those on route 6 from Selside Head End to Kiln Croft that have routers are. The rest of those that are ready, including myself, are waiting on core fibre. There are 23 properties with routers await B4RN’s team. If you are on route 1 and 2 and you see B4RN staff, they will be in need of mince pies & tea & coffee in plentiful supply.

Below is Simon Done, he has spent most of the day at the Head End working with Eon to get the electric meter on and the cabinet live then he has been patching everyone in and checking the connections. They like our cabinet area.

Meanwhile at B4RN HQ in Melling the anaemic tech team have been locked in front of the computers tuning the high tech bits and getting it all ticking over nicely. They really do pull it out of the bag when they need too, 22:15 is when they got it tuned up. Top effort B4RN and thank you.

If your route is green on this page then get digging and drilling or organising a volunteer or contractor to do it. 

Help Me!!! – Saturday pm is clear out day at the office, pop down and help cary and tidy and clean if you are a spare hour from 1pm to 3pm. Oh and we have a new office for 2019 to be announced.

Less than 7 months from the first meeting in my kitchen and we have done it. B4RN said you can have it if you get your neighbours on board… I thank you all.

Another 35 Properties Spliced in a Day

Do not cancel your phone line if you care about your pone number- wait until you have B4RN working then choose your new provider, port your number, then your new provider will cancel your old provider.

6/12/18 – What a day, thanks team. 35 properties have been spliced today with the help of Myself, Norman, John, Graham and Logan. Thanks Chris Conder for your skill full work and perfect eye sight.

The offices at Mealbank have now closed, we will need a little help over the next 2 days to clear out and tidy up, if anyone is free to help drop me a message.


Property Fibre Day

3/12/18 – Another day blowing property fibre on SE Route 1 & 3 with 19 connections one step closer to being live with gigabit internet.

Big thanks to Frank & Will who are B4RN’s core volunteer team. They like tea, coffee, cake, bacon and access to the property boxes when they come and visit. Thanks also to John Howson for this afternoon and taking over showing them around the area.

Frank with the blowing machine
Katie catching her fibre


Update – 28th Nov

28/11/18 – Week 13 of the Mint and Sprint build and we are rocketing on. Last Friday, TSTrenching completed the West side of Longsleddale and are now on their way out of the valley along the East side. Mid January and you will see the team emerge looking to dig to those who are ready next.


  • SE Route 2 build reaches the end of Longsleddale (Sadgill)
  • another 40 properties now ready for fibre and/or splicing
  • Eon booked to fit Electric meter for Head End on 7th Dec
  • 3 new way leaves arrive for Grayrigg
  • get your dig plan and equipment now for festive holiday grafting (yes, get your family digging while they visit)
  • B4MS hits Westmoreland Gazette front page – Link to article – click here
  • oldest Telephone in the Mint and Sprint about to be used via VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
  • major update of the B4MS website giving you all DIY tips and resources
  • holding pen cheques – if you want them submitting to B4RN e-mail me and I’ll forward them on, I still hold cheques where we have not got clear way leaves too.
  • the offices at Mealbank, kindly on loan by the Procter Family, are nearly to the end of the 6 month period and will be closing soon.

So the message is if your route on this page is in green get digging (link), once you have dug and drilled and have FTU’s fitted please e-mail me –

Oldest Telephone in the Mint and Sprint about to be used via VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)