Office- Open first Wednesday of the Month

Due to the fact we have now connected hundreds of homes and businesses out the total available 748 there is less demand on our office drop in sessions.

Please could you, our area, speed the word that we will now only be open on the first Wednesday evening of each month usual time slot from 7:30 to 8:30 or until the last visitor is finished.

Note – there will be a Grayrigg Village Hall meeting organised very soon for all who wish to connect from the GRHE. This meeting will bring refreshed information and next steps and will be ideal if everyone can make it. Date – TBC.


The network keeps getting bigger

2nd October 2019

To look at what we have achieved in just over a year of building our Mint and Sprint network I personally am quite impressed with TS Trenching and all the local campions for encouraging and helping their route along. When someone who lives on a route stands up and makes things happen it really moves things along.

SE6 will soon be complete, the fibre team today have been blowing the core fibre and those along the line extending over the A6 in the direction of Oakbank will be live as soon as the B4RN team have spliced it all in the chambers over the coming weeks. Core duct work will continue over the next weeks towards Laverock Hill and Beck Mills.

The GRHE has been a challenging one, B4RN and I are working hard to see the plans finalised as soon as possible. Once we have the Big Green box installed we will aim to dig GR2 from Top Thorne through to Grayrigg and complete the build of Whinfell (GR2).

People keep asking what route are we going to dig on next… the answer is always the route where people have dug, laid duct, drilled walls and fitted the boxes.

SE4 and SE5 are on the list to build next.

SE7 – Garth Row is undergoing a few network tweaks. We are now ready for the residents at Garth Row to finalise their dig plans and get going with their digging and drilling and fitting their boxes.

NH4 – Those who live in Docker are experiencing a slight delay, it would seam rodents have eaten some core duct on the B4SW network. Docker look at the New Hutton Head End (NHHE) and there is a section that went through some rocky ground that is now a nest of orange plastic, silicone and glass. There is some re-digging work needed before Docker can come live somewhere south of Docker. Splicing and Router fitting should happen soon and this repair work is booked in for completion.

Below : TS Trenching drilling under the A6


Below: The net work build out so far… Check out some of those remote valleys.

Screenshot 2019-10-02 at 20.56.48.png

Selside Route 1 – 80% complete

Hats off to TS Trenching, they have been to some far reaches places! Selside Route 1 (SE1) is now 80% complete, they have been up to House Foot, Borrowdale Head and High House, thats those far reached properties at the top of Borrowdale in Fawcett Forest (Left off the dip in the A6 heading up to Shap).

Later in the project, when they are ready, we will cross the A6 and head over to Mart Close, Ashstead and down Borrowdale to Low Borrowdale Farm but they need to drill their walls and we need 1 more wayleave. We will also come back to Spur SE115a (Forrest Hall) and Spur SE110 (Mosergh Farm) once they have dug and drilled and fit their boxes.

Duck Hall (Selside Memorial Hall) and back through to High Above Park passing Cooper House, Longwell, Selside Church and Hall is now also complete with duct and ready for Fibre as is a tiny link up at SE107 – Garnet Plain.

On the 9th July a big thanks goes out to volunteers Tim Maggs (local Champion) and Chris Conder (B4RN core volunteer) as they completed the splicing and router fitting for another 17 properties. 14 have gone this week and the rest will be live once B4RN add our extra switch in the cabinet early doors next Wednesday.

Frank and Will (B4RN core fibre blowing volunteers) are also hero’s as they continue to work with me and get all the property blowing and core fibre blowing complete (Spur SE108 to Duck Hall next please boys if your reading this).

Tony, Liam and Graham are heading to visit Mike Packham in Docker today and will be there for the next 2 weeks. Mike (Core Champion) has done some sterling effort getting everyone ready in docker. Not long now Docker and you will have your Gig (1000mbps).


SE1 – Most Northerly Dig

12th June 2019

Since the last post a lot has happened, TS Trenching have been grafting away in tricky ground and have ploughed all the way up to Hause Foot and are now digging in one last chamber and then they will be heading up to Borrowdale Head and High House.

Low Borrowdale and Shap Fell bothy will be to return to when we have way leaves sorted.

The Fibre and Router teams have been out and we now have routers ready to go live once the last 2 sections of fibre are blown and the bullet splicers have been.

Photo shows our cabinet filling up with connections. Each yellow fibre patch tail represents 1 property. There will be 500 of these if everyone gets digging and fitting boxes.

We have hit critical mass on SE Route 5 to get digging to Mealbank. We are waiting for the bridge repairs and then B4RN civil team to complete the in road works then we will send the core route to them.

SE Route 6 is rapidly getting ready in the race to complete their works before the core can be sent.

Docker are all complete and are waiting for the core.

SE1 has Spur SE108 to the memorial hall to complete alongside the above works Estimated 2-3 more weeks on SE1.


Get Digging

Now is the time for everyone to get digging.

  • there are route champions that you can ask for help
  • Wednesday nights for advice, planning and materials
  • others that are complete for advice and help
  • contractors out there if you need them.

TS Trenching are rapidly laying our network in the ground moving quicker than I fear people are getting ready. In the past few days they have shot along the A6 and are now at Kendal Caravans. There are 3 rivers to drill and a couple of roads to impact mole under, then that leg of Route 1 will be complete.

Where next???

It all depends who is ready.

39,700 meters of core network have been laid in the ground since September. Our whole network is 99,090 meters so we are essentially 40% complete.  This includes Grayrigg Head End, “New Hutton Head End extensions” through Docker + along Paddy’s Lane and the Selside Head End.

Well done to Docker for Getting ready, Also on the ready list is route 5 as far as Mealbank however the bridge repairs may slow proceedings a little. GR1 seam to be in the thinking stage along with SE6. SE4 are planning and some have dug and drilled.

  • SE1 = 20400m / 15000m complete – Live
  • SE2 = 15520m / complete – Live
  • SE3 = 6200m / 6150m complete – Live
  • SE4 = 2845m / 100m complete
  • SE5 = 7175m / 100m complete
  • SE6 = 82700m / 2550m complete – Live
  • SE7 = 3320m / 650m complete
  • NH5 = 32070m
  • GRHE = 335m
  • GR1 = 8535m
  • GR2 = 9480m
  • GR3 = 3950m
  • GR4 = 4130m
  • NH4 = 5660m

Stages to get a live connection

  1. Plan
  2. Drill & Fit Boxes
  3. Dig
  4. Fill out GBVS form
  5. Wait for core duct
  6. Property fibre gets blown
  7. Router Fitting & Splicing
  8. Core fibre gets blown
  9. Core spliced
  10. Your Live