Changing B4RN Router name/password/WiFi

Changing B4RN router name/password/wifi


These instructions are here to let you know how to access your router to change the name or the password, or to turn the wifi off altogether, or turn it on again. These instructions are for the routers with the WPS button on the right hand side, the ones with the button on the top are further down.

Using your preferred device e.g. PC, tablet etc. Open a browser window whilst connected to the same network as  the router (i.e. its own WiFi or by using an ethernet lead) and in the field you normally type in a web address type in this number and press enter. This will open a window where you type your username = admin and the password stuck on the front of your router. NB, the password is all upper case. (if this doesn’t work then it is a different model of router and the IP address is, and the instructions and screenshots are slightly different, see the end of the document.)


Click login

This opens the next page where you click wifi icon (- the screenshot says no internet because this router was just used for screenshots.)


Then you can scroll down the wifi page, change the network name (SSID) to one of your choice, and also change the two passwords for the two different wifi networks. Both networks can keep the same name and password or have a different one each if you prefer. The 2.4ghz network is the strong one, the 5.ghz is the faster one but doesn’t reach as far in the home. Gadgets can’t all see the 5.ghz one, but they can all see the 2.4ghz, and will choose which to latch on to.

If you need to turn Off or On the WiFi there is a small toggle button above the box with the SSID name. Remember if you turn the WiFi completely Off  i.e. both channels, you will only be able change the router settings by connecting to it with an ethernet cable.

Don’t forget to click SAVE when you have finished!  If you were connected to the router using WiFi, you will have to reconnect to the router using  your new SSID/Password. Write down your password and put it in a safe place. Remove the sticker from the B4RN router and put that in a safe place in case you want to go back to the default settings.

If you can’t log into your router with, but can on then read on.

Log into the router with username admin, and password admin. It is recommended you change this password but remember to write it down!

Then click on the Network tab see below.

Once you are in the network, depending on your model of router you will see the wireless tab(s), click on that to display the picture below, and change your settings there (as detailed above). If you change the password for the wifi, write it down. You can change the network name, you can disable broadcast to turn the wifi off completely if you have a better wifi system in your home.

If you have a router with 5ghz, this is really good local to the router, but not very good in old houses, it is better just sticking to the 2.4ghz radio. That goes a bit further in older houses but not as fast. It is plenty fast enough though!

Save the wlan settings and then join the network again with your new password/new name.