26 Properties Spliced in a Day

20/11/18 – Wow what a day for B4MS, our first house splicing day and we managed to get all 26 properties on Route SE6 to SE604 spliced in a 9am till 5pm day. Thanks to the champions along the route who helped with the process. I’m told the record number of splices in one day is 34 so “not bad for a new team on the ground!”

Today we also had the Westmoreland Gazette pop along and take a couple of photos. I hope they got their facts right. Look out for the article in this weeks paper.

Personally, I managed to get a go at splicing fibre and did 4 connections through the day. Thanks Chris for letting me have a play with thousands of pounds worth of kit!!!

The route will be live as soon as B4RN have sorted a contract with an electricity provider and they have installed a meter. Either that or we will fire up a generator and get it live!!!

One thought on “26 Properties Spliced in a Day

  1. Fantastic bunch of people to work with, highly organised with contracts ready and waiting for the installs and everyone on the ball. Very neat work, and congratulations to them all. Hope you get the meter soon and go live. Won’t be long now. It is well worth the wait.


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