Get Digging

Now is the time for everyone to get digging.

  • there are route champions that you can ask for help
  • Wednesday nights for advice, planning and materials
  • others that are complete for advice and help
  • contractors out there if you need them.

TS Trenching are rapidly laying our network in the ground moving quicker than I fear people are getting ready. In the past few days they have shot along the A6 and are now at Kendal Caravans. There are 3 rivers to drill and a couple of roads to impact mole under, then that leg of Route 1 will be complete.

Where next???

It all depends who is ready.

39,700 meters of core network have been laid in the ground since September. Our whole network is 99,090 meters so we are essentially 40% complete.  This includes Grayrigg Head End, “New Hutton Head End extensions” through Docker + along Paddy’s Lane and the Selside Head End.

Well done to Docker for Getting ready, Also on the ready list is route 5 as far as Mealbank however the bridge repairs may slow proceedings a little. GR1 seam to be in the thinking stage along with SE6. SE4 are planning and some have dug and drilled.

  • SE1 = 20400m / 15000m complete – Live
  • SE2 = 15520m / complete – Live
  • SE3 = 6200m / 6150m complete – Live
  • SE4 = 2845m / 100m complete
  • SE5 = 7175m / 100m complete
  • SE6 = 82700m / 2550m complete – Live
  • SE7 = 3320m / 650m complete
  • NH5 = 32070m
  • GRHE = 335m
  • GR1 = 8535m
  • GR2 = 9480m
  • GR3 = 3950m
  • GR4 = 4130m
  • NH4 = 5660m

Stages to get a live connection

  1. Plan
  2. Drill & Fit Boxes
  3. Dig
  4. Fill out GBVS form
  5. Wait for core duct
  6. Property fibre gets blown
  7. Router Fitting & Splicing
  8. Core fibre gets blown
  9. Core spliced
  10. Your Live 


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