Route Info

There will be 2 cabinets (“Head End’s”), one at Selside and the other at Grayrigg. For most properties, those that are West of the Mint (inc Mealbank and those to the South & West is Mealbank) will look at the Selside Head End (the big green box) and those the the East of the Mint will look at the Grayrigg Head End. This builds in safety of your connection in case of another hugh storm like Desmond. A few properties in Docker will look at the New Hutton Head End before this links to Grayrigg. New Hutton Route 5 will hopefully also link to Selside Route 5.

SEHE = Selside Head End

Route 1 = Heads to Watchgate and splits either side of the A6 following it North. This is now complete to watchgate and down to Garnet Bridge. FEB 2019. Complete past Kendal Caravans and all the valleys to the West of the A6 and up to Hause Foot. Mart Close, Ashstead and Borrowdale to wait for interest / way leaves. Mozer House and Forest Hall waiting on residents completing their work, dug past. Aug 19

Route 2 = splits off route 1 and is Longsleddale including Garnet Bridge along the way, up the valley it splits again in 2 and each line serves either side of the valley. Nov 18 – Digging is underway here and Tony and his team are approaching over half way up the SW side of the valley (Beach Hill).  5th Dec – Tony and his team have finished the SW side and are approaching the village hall heading out of the valley. 5th Feb 2019 – Route Complete

Route 3 = splits off route 1 at Crake Hall and aims towards Whinfell through either Low Biggers Bank or Whitwell Folds. It splits to Selside school Before High Biggersbank and along and up to Kit Crag. Complete through to Browfoot. Priority is connecting the school. 4th March – Complete to Kit Crag. 25th March – complete to Low Biggarsbank and Whitwell Folds. Way leaves now in allowing for connections to Bank House and Mozergh House – get digging, Core not coming yet as one more way leave needed for optimal route but this does not stop properties digging. 

Route 4 = Patton. Nov 18- way Leaves still needed but we have a viable route. 5th Dec – 1 way leave for 2 fields left then route is green. 18th Dec – all way leaves now complete. 

Route 5 = Mealbank East via Patton Hall and Old Field End then heading to connect with Old Hutton via Paddy’s Lane and Rural Kendal. 5th Dec – way leaves stop and become patchy after Mealbank.  25th March – waiting on dry weather to deal with steep ground at the river Mint. Head End to Patton Hall now dug and waiting on core fibre Dec19.

Route 6 = Down to Kiln Croft, Mealbank West, South to Beck Mills, Low Groves then West to Oakbank and B4Kent North of Oak Bank. Route Completed by TS Trenching now waiting on B4RN civil team at Laverock Hill to complete the duct under the tarmac now tarmac contractors have finished. Nov 19. 

Route 7 = Otterbank and Garth Row and beyond. Way Leaves still needed. We have a potential alternative route but it will land lock people east of A6. 25th March – no change on status. Many properties can now dig. Tim & I now working on the final dig plan. Promised way leaves now give a complete route. Work can begin. Sept 19. 

GRHE = Grayrigg Head End. Way Leaves still needed. 4th Jan – 90% there Some great effort has been put in by the community to make this a reality. 4th March – there are clear routes in and out of GRHE in all directions. Head End Location still needed. Dec19. 10 Options looked at. 

Route 1 = East of Grayrigg City. Way Leaves still needed. 19 Dec – another way leave arrived linking routes out of GR. 4th March – 1 way leave needed for ideal route

Route 2 = Whinfell linking with SE Route 3 via Topthorn. Essentially all that are East of the Mint and North of the A685. Way Leaves still needed. 5th Dec – 2 more way leaves arrived recently, we are getting there. 19th Dec – another way leave in. 4th Jan – 2 more key bayleaves are in and we are only 1 field away from liking to Selside Head End. after that 3 more Way Leaves and we are 100% along GR2. We are now working with B4RN on a tweak to the route. 4th March – 2 way leaves needed for ideal route, 2 properties and area’s of land only land lock themselves. Sept 19′ we can now dig to Grisedale from Top Thorne and down to Haveriggs and give internet to using temporary fibre that will eventually be turned round and light up the GRHE

Route 3 = splits off route 1 and supplies properties South of the train line in Lambrigg. Way Leaves still needed. 5th Dec – ownership map arrived with a verbal yes to way leave, 1 more to go and this route is viable. 4th Jan – Last way leave arrived and the verbal yes on its way. We are now working with B4RN on a tweak to the route. 4th March – 1 way leave needed now, there is a clear route to most. 

Route 4 = South West of Grayrigg Linking to Docker (some of Docker feeds from New Hutton so green to dig see below) 4th Jan – final way leave in and we are now working with B4RN on a tweak to the route. 4th March – Docker are digging to GRHE


NHHE = New Hutton Head End

This is an extension to the B4SW work, the properties in Most of Docker will look at the New Hutton Head End. 

NH Route 4 = Some of Docker before this route links with the GRHE Route 4. Way Leaves still needed. However we can link 90%. 4th March – Docker are digging to GRHE, Sept 19′ Docker through to Docker Hall on the West of the Valley are now live. 

Last Updated 11/10/2018, 5/12/18, 19/12/18, 4/1/2019 & 4th/3/2019 & 25th/3/2019 & 13/12/19

Dan Robinson, Voluntary Project Manger.