Where other amenities have never been before

13/03/19 – The fantastic benefits that B4RN’s gigabit broadband will bring to the eight parishes covered by the Mint and Sprint project are perfectly illustrated by the experience of one of the area’s most isolated families.
When the B4MS fibre broadband service arrives at the family’s home and business set in a remote valley, it will be the first utility they have ever been connected to.
At the moment they depend on both a private water supply and their own electricity. As for the internet, connecting with the worldwide web means clambering up the closest hill, hanging a dongle on a fence post and waiting for something to load.
With their property being 3.5km from the nearest road or neighbour, the difference that fibre broadband will bring to this family will, quite literally, be life-changing. By the time their three-year-old son begins his education, he will be able to use a faster internet connection than any of his friends in Kendal can enjoy, which should be a big boost for his home studies as well as the family’s home entertainment.
For the family, their farm and business, it will be a revolution – B4RN boldly going where other amenities have never been before.

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