Investing in B4RN

Why should I invest in B4RN?

Most of the finance for building the B4MS network will be raised by individuals buying shares in B4RN. By investing you can help your community to get hyperfast broadband and you can have a say in the future direction of B4RN! A copy of the investment application form is available in the Resources section of the main B4RN website.

How do B4RN shares work?

  • Individuals can invest between £100 and £100,000 – a rule that is set by the Financial Conduct Authority. B4RN shares can only ever be traded back to B4RN.
  • Each shareholder also receives one vote to be used at the annual AGM, no matter how much they invest.
  • Shares must be held for a minimum of three years. A 5% dividend is payable by B4RN from day 1 of the investment. This figure is voted for at the AGM each year and though not guaranteed there’s no reason to expect that this should change.
  • Investments of £1,500 also benefit from a free connection to B4RN worth £150
  • You do not have to invest in B4RN in order to be connected. You will have to pay a one-off connection fee to access B4RN’s service, but this fee covers only the cost of connecting; it is not an investment in B4RN, nor does it count towards the total funding raised to finance the project.
  • People who wish to be involved with their local B4RN project but can’t afford to invest are able to work for shares by digging. This also counts as investment into your local project. See the main B4RN website for more information.

Residents in the Mint and Sprint holding shares with B4RN we will ensure the project gets completely built.

Holding Pen

Some of our residents still have shares investments in the Holding Pen. We will be contacting you soon to communicate the current shares situation and need for new shares for the GRHE, NHHE and rest of SEHE. Route info here