The Team

B4MS Voluntary Project Manger
Dan Robinson
m. 07816870756
o. 01539 823669

Route Champions

Selside Head End

  • SERoute 1: Selside – Dan Robinson & Norman Winter & John Howson
  • SERoute 2: Longsleddale – Debbie Williams & Logan Thom
  • SERoute 3: Selside – Dan Robinson & Caroline Holden
  • SERoute 4: Patton – Dan Robinson
  • SERoute 5: MealBank – Clive, Tony & Angela, Herman.
  • SERoute 6: To Kiln Croft- Matt Woods & Graham White, Mealbank West – Ian Kell, A6 West – Ian Robinson
  • SERoute 7: Garth Row and beyond – Tim Maggs

Grayrigg Head End

  • GRRoute 1: East of Grayrigg – Chaz Stock
  • GRRoute 2: Whinfell – Jen Hesmondhalgh & Adam Rubinsein
  • GRRoute 3: Lambrigg – Mike Brown
  • GRRoute 4: South of Grayrigg linking NH4 – John Ellis

NewHutton Head End

  • NHRoute 4: Docker – Mike Packham, Bill Loyd.


Core Team

  • Second in command – Debbie Williams
  • Accounts – Marion Green
  • Navigation – GPS Tracking – Tony & Angela Brand – Barker
  • Office Open Nights – Many of the above people pop along to help out
  • Support – Matt Woods, Paddy Finn, Hillary Robinson, Logan, Bill, Simon & Jill Frost
  • Office networking and internet supply Genius – Tim Maggs

Other Volunteers

Many Many people have helped in many ways to make this project happen, you know who you are, you have helped paint rock, deliver leaflets, assist at meetings, make the wheels turn in councils, etc, etc.

Duct Man Creators 

A thanks to my boys Tom & Ari for inventing duct man after we made a stick man out of duct from the popular Julia Donaldson book. The original duct man was created in proportion Tom. Thanks to Eggan Bland for his many creations of Duct Men for the area and to all those who have created them in support of the scheme. It helps as that little daily reminder that the fastest internet in the world is on its way to the 8 parishes of the Mint and Sprint river catchment.


  • Main Contractor: TSTrenching – Tony, Liam & Graham
  • Property Digging: Ricky Yates (mainly by mini digger)
  • Property Digging: John Howson (mainly by mini digger) – 07789 857441
  • Property Digging: Stephen Bateman (mainly by hand) – 07947 567604
  • Property Drilling: Ian Robinson – 07770 690094
  • Property Drilling: Dan Robinson – 07816 870756
  • Drystone Walling: Mark Jennings
  • Cabinet Base’s: Logan Thom


Special Thanks 

Chris Taylor & Family need a special mention, they have been legends and a corner stone for the works at the SEHE. All the rock for the cabinet compound has been sorted and delivered not to mention selling the area for the grand sum of £1. to B4RN. Thanks Chris and let your whisky supply never run dry as none of us would have had this without you.

A big thanks also goes to Paul Procter and Family for the FOC use of Unit 3 Meal Bank for the 6 months start up period and continued support into the future.

The last and the first thanks goes to my family for supporting me and tolerating the constant need this project has on my available time.

So, A Big thank you to you all and if you are keen to get involved then please get in touch.

Dan Robinson.