Way leave update

29th March, We have nearly 200 land owners in the Mint and Sprint. There are less than 20 way leaves yet to receive. 5 are a verbal yes and we just need to meet with them. Out of the remaining 15 none are a formal no at this stage, only 3 land lock people, 2 cause extra network build costs and the other 10 only stop themselves receiving B4RN.

Tonight I have returned from yet another way leave meeting and I am pleased to say the verbal yes has now been formalised and we can now dig all of route 6. Ian Robinson is the champion for this line so please work with him or pop and see me on the Wednesday nights at the office and get digging.

TS Trenching are now back on route 1 heading along the West side of the A6 in a northerly direction.

Any week now we should expect the core fibre for Route 3.

If you are planning on visiting the offices please remember we have an number of champions who are on hand to help with questions and advice just like myself and each area has their own champion who can help you.

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