SE3 – Selside School get the fibre

25th March, Along with Selside Primary School 14 other properties had fibre blown to them by Will and Frank – B4RN core volunteers today. There are now 17 properties ready for splicing and with the 4 that are already complete another 21 properties will be live in April once the core is blow and spliced. A 144 fibre is needed from the head end before it splits into a complex web feeding Selside South and East with Fibre.

Selside Route 3 links with Grayrigg Route 2. We are getting closer Grayrigg.

This evening another way leave was signed after another meeting with a land owner.

The Order – you dig and drill, core is dug in, property fibre is blown, properties are spliced and fit with routers, core fibre is blown, core spliced. There is a natural lag in time from when your FTU is spliced and router fitted to the core being blown and spliced and it going live at your house. If you have a router that is not live please leave it turned on. Its impossible to know your connection is working at splicing and patching stages if its not plugged in and turned on. It costs less than £10 per year to keep a router turned on.

When you are live have a look at your telephone package options.

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Office Open – Wednesday Nights 7:30pm 8:30/9pm

20/3/19 – Our new offices are all set up and ready. Open every Wednesday night from 7:30pm. 

Every property now needs to plan, dig, drill and fit their boxes or get a contractor to complete the work. For DIY installers learn what you need to do on the site and pop down to office and collect what you need. 

GRHE (the Grayrigg Cabinet) will be installed soon and we will be able to link up the whole village to the cabinet ready for when the mole ploughs bring the first route in and light it up. 

Directions – heading to Kendal on the Grayrigg road turn Left onto “Kendal Industrial Estate” its the one that goes behind the old auction mart before the Pixel Mill building and after the car sales garage. Straight ahead is Halls Foods, park on the Right. Lakeland Autobody has a loft space we have use of thanks to Chris Pashley of Little Docker. There is a little roller shutter door to the Right of the huge B4MS sign. Come on up the stairs and find us. There are no toilets or brew making facilities but lots of information and a place to pick brains, collect materials and chat. 

See you down there.


Where other amenities have never been before

13/03/19 – The fantastic benefits that B4RN’s gigabit broadband will bring to the eight parishes covered by the Mint and Sprint project are perfectly illustrated by the experience of one of the area’s most isolated families.
When the B4MS fibre broadband service arrives at the family’s home and business set in a remote valley, it will be the first utility they have ever been connected to.
At the moment they depend on both a private water supply and their own electricity. As for the internet, connecting with the worldwide web means clambering up the closest hill, hanging a dongle on a fence post and waiting for something to load.
With their property being 3.5km from the nearest road or neighbour, the difference that fibre broadband will bring to this family will, quite literally, be life-changing. By the time their three-year-old son begins his education, he will be able to use a faster internet connection than any of his friends in Kendal can enjoy, which should be a big boost for his home studies as well as the family’s home entertainment.
For the family, their farm and business, it will be a revolution – B4RN boldly going where other amenities have never been before.

Circle Loop – Telephone Through B4RN Fibre

Telephone through your B4RN fibre broadband.

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Circle Loop are a UK company with the service you would expect from a 100% UK help team who all live in Lancashire.

7 day free trial with full access to the system so you can try it and make sure it works for you on a test number. Port your number only when your ready.

20% off for life for all Mint and Sprint customers with a link – e-mail Dan Robinson

£5*/ month pay as you go with calls from 3p/min

£15*/ month for Unlimited Calls

£2* a month for additional lines (this is great for business owners who wish for privacy out of office hours. A full record of callers are kept in the system for reconnection when your back at work).

If you work remotely then it can simultaneously ring your land line and mobile.


The Unlimited package is worth it if you make calls for over 15min/day.

The Circle Loop app that means you can use your mobile to answer landline calls and make them from anywhere in the world when you are on wifi. This will be a game changer for running businesses while on the move. Missed calls voice mails get sent via e-mail if you wish too and you can set up call divert so you will never miss a business call again. Its also a really easy portal and app to use with virtual receptionist call diverts and many more features.

All their packages offer full use of all their features.

Price Compare

BT line rental + weekend only package = £19.99 

BT line rental + weekend and evening package = £19.99 + £4.50 total £24.49

BT line rental + unlimited package = £19.99 + £9.99 total £29.98

SE2 – Longsleddale – Complete


Fibre is now complete up both sides of the valley and all the chambers that have connections are spliced. B4RN will need to return to complete 2 chambers of splicing when the properties are ready.

Enjoy it Longsleddale.

TS Trenching have been taken off for a week or two for emergency work on the New Hutton line, they will be back to complete more of Route 3 as soon as they can. Spur SE302 is complete past the school to its end at Kit Crag and is ready for fibre.