Still on Amber

I have had a few questions regarding our area and would like to clarify a couple of points.

  1. We are the Mint & Sprint and all 8 parishes are included. The total funds / shares required are for the whole area. No one (who wants a connection) will be left behind. B4RN has never left anyone without, there is always a way.
  2. We are still on amber light (with Green Guaranteed).       Reasons:     a. We are still waiting on folk who have said they are going to invest to submit their shares application form with cheques (or BACs) to either the holding pen or direct to B4RN.      b. B4RN’s network designer is still waiting on key decisions we are thrashing through before he can do the final lay out and costings.    c. we have all the way leaves in for specific routes and we will be able to start on those first. There are a couple of gaps in the way leaves we need for the full area but its only been 2 months since we started.
  3. Land Owners who have given way leaves over your land – thank you and we will be working with you soon to adjust the office guess of where is best to dig from a satellite image and map to your key knowledge of the land. On dig day you will see a speculative map that will need your comments. We will walk the land before we dig and ensure we have all the adjustments and knowledge of where we need to be careful and what we need to miss.
  4. Investment’s required – B4RN know from experience that there is an investment curve. They know it will cost approximately 1000 per property = £700,000 for our area. They have set us a target of £500,000 to £560,000 before we get the green light and at last count we have monies and promises that are really. It just needs those who have promised to invest to get on with sending in the shares form and payment.
  5. Dig Day will be happening regardless on the 29th.
  6. We are not willing to miss the rest of the summer’s digging opportunity and as you can see things are happening in the area with Cocks Close, Kiln Croft and all the halls, churches and schools. We have contractors pencilled in to start digging in August and we will all have the opportunity to be informed further on dig day as to what we need to all do to get ready for when the contractors pass our boundaries.
  7. Thanks to all the land owners who have been in touch to talk through their land its has been a real help.

Thanks all, keep up the conversations and make sure you sign up to Dig Day (sign up in previous news post and e-mail)

One thought on “Still on Amber

  1. Amazing progress in so short a time, you obviously have a good team and a community of grit. Good luck all from #teamB4RN


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