7th July Update + Dig Day Sign Up

This e-mail will take up just 10 minutes of your day so make sure you have a moment to read thoroughly and fill out the questionnaire even if you can’t make Dig Day. Please also forward to everyone else in your property.

Current Statistics

On the 9th of May 2018 we had the first B4MS meeting in my kitchen. Less than 2 months later after a road trip of 4 village hall meetings and a huge amount of support and commitment from my core team and you, we have the following statistics for our area.

1. Investments 

  • Direct to B4RN = £107,500
  • In the Holding Pen = £271,615
  • Promised = £35,400
  • Total = £414,515

Potential Investments

  • People who need to know more before they can decide = 81
  • People doing some maths and will let us know = 24
  • Total Potential Investors = 105 people from the sign up survey
  • With an average investment over £1500
  • Total further potential estimated at £157,500 from those who have signed up. 

To get the “Green Light” please can all those who are thinking about investing through buying shares do so. Our target is over £560,000 and we do not have enough “in hand” yet. We will need, by the time we are finished over £700,000 through shares. We can not rely on government grants as history tell us that they can not be guaranteed and they only pay out when the property is live and signed up to a 12 month contract.

Grand total estimated to reach over £570,000 
This is far to close to what is needed to get the green light and way off the final total needed to complete the network so please encourage people to invest in our area. Anyone who lives in the UK can invest in B4RN and ask for their monies to be used for the Mint & Sprint area.

2. Current sign ups = over 60%

3. We have the nearly all the Way Leaves to create the majority of the network

4. A first draft of a network route is ready for consultation and will be adjusted to the land on and after dig day 

5. The Green Light to Dig (as soon as B4RN network engineers have completed the full plan and costings and we have the final investments in hand)

6. B4RN have never left a property in an area unconnected, where there is a will there is a way.

Dig Day – 29th July 2018

Dig day is about information, education and fun. We will create and implement a dig plan for each village hall, church and school in the Mint & Sprint. We will train and educate you all so you can go away with the knowledge you need to team up and implement your own dig plan. If you can’t dig, then you can make tea and cake and paint rocks and learn what is needed for your property.

During the day you will:

  • get hands on with the materials
  • see the whole connection process take place
  • be trained to create your dig plan
  • be part of connecting your community venue
  • have some fun and create the essential markers to use where the network crosses the walls, hedges and fences in our area
  • ask questions and share thoughts

Marker Stones
We will need somewhere in the region of 1200 marker stones – that is about 150 per parish. We need you to bring football-sized rocks and paint them. We will have masonry paint and blue paint on hand, but please bring a brush. It is an ideal children’s activity (with adult supervision!). Easy to do, fast results to produce something that will be essential for B4MS to be a success. Bring some feed bags or old painting sheets/tarpaulins to cover the floor as necessary.

The marker stones will be placed where the contractors need to cross roads, dig under walls, hedges & boundaries. It will mean the contractors can work without having to check every crossing point verbally. Additional markers will be barrier tape, to make general sighting easier, with a rock for the precise dig point.

Stick Man / Duct Man
We want each family/household to have their own duct man. The duct man will indicate that a household has signed up to B4MS and can be moved when digging is approaching, to sit on a wall/fence/border where the broadband ducting is to enter a property. There will also be marker stones and barrier tape if necessary. The stick man is another creative activity, using ducting and wire to make the ‘man’. This will be a chance for adults and children to play with the ducting and to cut it correctly so its integrity is not compromised.Big Stick Men.
We would also like some big stick men to indicate road crossings, if people are keen to make these for us. (see large purple one in photo or just a large orange one). 

Fun Activities
These could be useful while waiting for the paint to dry. This is not an exhaustive list, nor are the activities compulsory. Each venue decides what they want to do. Sharing ideas would be fabulous.

  • ‘Blow football’ – in teams of two/three, set up two goals, use short pieces of thin ducting to blow a ping pong ball into your opponents goal. (indoor activity)
  • Relay races using ducting. (indoor/outdoor depending on space available).
  • Team race – all the team must hold onto the short piece of ducting while they race. May need to be risk assessed!
  • Duct whanging – think wellies. 
  • Balance ducting on your finger while running.
  • Duct & Spoon Race – think egg & spoon
  • Safety advice posters – using key advice, create your safety poster for your house.
  • Ask the young people for ideas! 

Ducting Sculptures.

Do you have the skills, or know of anyone with sculpting/weaving skills who might turn their knowledge and expertise to create a ducting sculpture? It could potentially be an edifice of beauty. We are hoping for media coverage, so an enduring image would capture the eye of potential reporters!

Essential Support 

We will need support in each venue for drinks, cakes etc. Ideally we will have someone to record the events, through video and camera for ourselves, as well as coverage in the media.


  • Selside School
  • Selside Hall
  • Selside Church
  • Skelsmergh Hall and Church
  • Longsleddale Hall and Church
  • Grayrigg Hall, Church and School

Dig Day Attendance Sign Up
Please click the big blue button below but remember to ready the rest of the e-mail first.

Dig Day Attendance Sign Up
or cut and paste this into your browser:
https://b4rnmintsprint.wufoo.com/forms/dig-day-attendance/Land Owners
Again I would like to extend my thanks to all the landowners in the area. I’d also like to reassure you that no one will start digging on your land until you have had the chance to see the route, adjust it and make it right for the land using your vital knowledge to help mark it all up.

Only once you are happy will we send the machinery in to lay the network. 

Materials Have Landed
The first batch of materials have landed for a builder who is digging this week. We have reels of 16mm and 7mm ducting and an access chamber about to go in. The residents of the 21 property site are getting organised and they have a dig plan that is being refined.

An order for the first major batch of materials is also going in to the suppliers and B4RN have promised us that it will arrive before the dig day training day for our core team on the 22nd.

-Left photo are the 2 rolls of ducting that have just arrived in the Mint and Sprint
-Right you can see the mains gas pipe and a 50mm duct with a tracerline ready for the B4RN ducting to the wall of this new property.B4MS dig day needs you
We need to expand our team and are looking for extra people who can take joint or lead roll’s on the dig day during the 29th but can also come to a dig day training event on the 22nd July. Join the team using the dig day attendance sign up.

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