Planning Stage

Mint & Sprint goes to net work Design at B4RN

Well, we are nearly there with the way leaves, On Friday 22nd I sat down for a few hours in Melling at B4RN HQ. As we have 80% of the Way Leaves we need for the core route we where able to identify the lines for the majority of the network. We are a little light on the North of Selside and Fawcett Forest then when you look at the Grayrigg and Whinfell area we have a good patchwork that is slowly filling.

There are singular fields and small patches over the other area’s that are in the pipeline and folk are communicating and filling in forms so we will have a signed up completed route from the cabinet in Selside to

  • Longsleddale
  • Oak Bank and Burneside (for when they are ready for a cabinet)
  • Garth Row
  • Mealbank and then past the hall and church through to Beck Mills
  • nearly to Patton and close to linking up Docker South from the West with a small gap to the Old Hutton network.

So, yes, our master map is looking like it is significantly inked in and I would like to personally thank the Farming community and other land owners for taking the time to understand the proposal in detail and making an informed decision.

The Missing Gaps

I do not have the time or energy bringing up a young family and running a business to individually visit and talk through things with all the missing blanks. I would like to thank my team who have had the time in their busy lives to do this and would like to encourage you, the land owners who have given way leaves, to lean over a gate and have a chat to the land owner next door.

Without the Way Leaves we can’t get the green light

Note to landowners who do have concerns:

I am more than happy for you to make and appointment to visit me at our offices at Meal Bank Industrial Estate to talk through the rough route in detail, its a bit chicken and egg as before we get the way leaves we can’t design the network but now we have the majority I have a good idea what the needs are. Please come forwards and chat. 07816870756 or


Dan Robinson


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