Skelsmergh Social

I was invited to the Skelsmergh Social this evening to give an update on where we are at with B4MS. There was a good turnout and lots of interested people. We have also had more sign up and many folk are now understanding the fantastic deal investing in shares or loaning money to b4rn can be.

For some they are calculating their shares based on how much tax they have paid over last and this tex year. e.g. last year Joe Blogg’s paid over £1000 in income tax, this year he paid over £2000 totalling £3000. Therefore if he invest £10,000 he will receive the £3000 back from HMRC after a short time lag.

Others who don’t pay much in income tax any more but have money elsewhere earning a tiny % interest are buying a small amount of shares then doing a separate loan to B4RN and will enjoy an immediate return of 4%. They will need to contact B4RN directly to do this.

Full information is available on the main website.

My thanks goes out to the community for enabling this to happen and for being so supportive. There are so many folk working behind the scenes from farmers & landowners working with us to navigators, net work engineers, accountants, financial advisors, ex teachers, business development trainers, web site developers just to name a few and a special thanks to my core team who are working hard and the Procter family for their generous gift of a free office space.

Dan Robinson

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