Investment reaches over £310,000

Well, we have failed to reach our target of £560k before the dealine. I do hope that more shares application forms arrive either into the holding pen or direct to B4RN. Its over to you the community on that one. We have many £1500 shares and only a few that are over that. We also have many who can not afford to take shares out so please if you can afford to enjoy that 30% income tax you will receive back from the HMRC for UK tax payers and remember is is over this and last years tax you have paid. All I can hope is some of you are talking with your accountants and intend on investing more than your £1500.

The good news is that things are progressing nicely with the way leaves, the patches are noticeable to who has not sent in their way leaves so please get them into us. Selside, Longsleddle, Skelsmergh are in the lead with a patch work over the other area’s that are beginning to fill in.

Due to Longsleddle being a distinct valley and having 99% of the way leaves in it has gone to design first and will be back for consultation within a week.

Soon we will have crunched the data and be able to announce the total shares per parish.

B4RN are gearing up their end too and we are still on for dig day being middle / late July.

This will happen but only by continuing the efforts all round.

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