14h June – Up date

We need over £500,000.


as of the 14th June:

  • 352 out of 707 have signed up
  • £53,500 of shares have been sent direct to B4RN
  • £175,200 of shares have been sent to our holding pen
  • We have 99% of the way leaves in to connect Longsleddle and most of Selside
  • The other Parishes are trickling in a little slower so please chase your neighbours.
  • Garth Row who are in spitting distance of the BT Openreach cabinet are nearly at 100% signed up as they know “its not what they need now but will be in the future and know it will increase the saleability of their properties”
  • Garnet Bridge where clever in the 1980’s and have ducting laid in ready for B4RN fibre
  • We have new offices and training facilities
  • Soon we will have a limited company and bank account to hold the slush fund
  • We are looking for sponsors for tools
  • We are looking for admin support

You can increase your shares if you can afford to by simply printing off and returning complete with a cheque or request for BAC’s details.

Click here for the Shares Application Form

15th June reminder

1. Connections – ensure you have signed up to the form at B4MS.org.uk (you have done this but your neighbour might not have)
2. Investors – send in your investment forms to either B4RN for immediate Shares or to the holding pen
3. Way leaves – sent in ASAP Ideally by the 15th so we can continue designing. Longsleddale has gone off to B4RN for design. 

Return digitally to 

Return by post to  
B4MS Way leave / Investments

Get ready for learning about how to create your Property or Hamlet Dig Plan’s

All the best for now

Dan Robinson

Graphic Produced by James Robinson and verified by B4RN.

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