9th June – Up date

Lets try for 100% sign up.


  • All four meetings had standing room only.
  • Longsleddale have 95% of their way leaves in and are close to 100% sign up.
  • I have just sat down with Tony (Swinny the mole plough contractor) this evening and popped provisional lines on the map in the valley for the B4RN team to develop.
  • It really would be a shame if someone missed out on connecting and then it costing them £10,000-£15,000 for the connection instead of £150. Please make sure everyone you know has had the chance to make their decision for their property. Remember, its not about them or their current internet situation, its about what their grand kids or future owners might need.
  • Old Hutton, New Hutton and Preston Patrick now have over 90% sign up and connections.
Tony has 8 mole plough’s of various shapes and sizes.
It’s B4RN’s responsibility to make good any damages in the unfortunate event of hitting a drain or any other pipe work.
Amber Light to Dig

It is with pleasure I bring this formal news to you. I am personally very happy with how far we have got in the time frame we have but I am reaching out to you all to keep doing the work you are doing, we need everyone in the area to sign up to the online form at B4MS.org.uk

We have the first step of 5 in achieving our green light to begin the dig.

1 – B4RN project commitment (we have this)
They first allocate David Rhyall to a job when a champion gets in touch to test the water and see if a project has the enthusiasm to make it happen. Work allocations have spread to the rest of B4RN staff and they are gearing them selves up to concentrate on the Mint and Sprint. Fibre Splicers time have been allocated to us over the summer!!!

2 – Connections – we are half way there and need your help, I would like to see 100% of sign ups – keep chatting. Drop me an e-mail if you would like a flyer to print off and post round the area.

3 – Way Leaves – soon I will have a map with only very small blanks on it. Its up to you as a community to get folk to send the way leave’s in before the 15th.

4 – Shares – we are a way off yet and really need folk to think and commit and get on with sending in their cheques.  I will give a final total of cheques in hand later this week.
We estimate 500 connections in total and we will need over £500,000 before any grants. My tally shows we have 62 connections that can only afford the connection fee (thats not due until you have the fibre to your house).
We also have 73 people who have not made their mind up if they are investing. If this is you then sorry we can not advise you. You need to do what is right for yourself.

5 – pocket change – I will need at least £10,000 and those that help by giving will not see this money back or a “return” on it, but without it we can not move forward. Its for paying for diesel for volunteers and diggers, drill bits, etc. I have expenses too that need covering like banners, IT subscriptions and suchlike. It will all be accountable and traceable. We are setting up a limited company to handle this money and I will be sharing BACs details and account names for transfers and cheques.

Making History 

Photo capture, please please take photo’s of moments so we can have a record of this monumental thing that is happening. From photo’s of conversations through car window little recordings of stories of personal journey’s and moments.

Road Trip report

Standing room only at all meetings with full support from the community who attended. The order in which the meetings where held across the parish’s was strategic and allow for momentum to build. It was a pleasure last Thursday night to be able to tell Longsleddale that we where able to bring B4RN to their area as without us they are cut off.

Keep up the good work folks, and lets keep the momentum going. 
Soon we will have further meetings and training events to enable folk to create their hamlet or property “Dig Plan”

15th June reminder
1. Connections – ensure you have signed up to the form at B4MS.org.uk
2. Investors – send in your investment forms to either B4RN for immediate Shares or to the holding pen
3. Way leaves – sent in ASAP 
Return digitally to
Return by post to  
B4MS Way leave / Investments
Soon we will have the green light, and when we do thats when we can all finalise our own plans for getting our pipework from the field to our properties and begin digging and helping each other dig. We don’t have to wait until we see the “Cavalry” (diesel engines of the mole ploughs) coming over the hill. By far the best thing is for us all to have the work complete for when they do arrive as they move at about 1km per day. The time from when its ploughed or dug in to getting connected is very short indeed so we all need to be ready with our boxes on the wall and pipe to our boundary. 
For now we all need to do our bit to ensure we all have enough information to make the decisions that are right for ourselves and our properties after we have moved on. Imagine trying to sell a house that has no electricity and only a candle (2-6mbps speed) or paraffin lantern (20-70mbps internet speed). 
This network is dedicated fibre to each individual property future proofing for years to come. 1000mbps is what we will all get initially and when home technology finally catches up B4RN can turn a switch to up the speed and there will even be a spare fibre to each connection. 
All the best for now
Dan Robinson
B4MS Project Manger

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